Z- Cancelled IACT Health

Company Overview

A description of IACT Health

IACT Health is a dedicated, wholly owned clinical research trial company staffed entirely by specialists. Our specialist range from patient coordinator specialists to regulatory specialists. Across the Southeast our staff applies the highest level of dedication and expertise to conduct studies in Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Devices. We go above and beyond to provide highest quality care for patients and to guarantee optimal results for CROs, sponsors and physicians.

By making our physician scientists successful, improving trial success rates, and increasing efficiency in the cost of research, we are helping to accelerate medical innovations that improve people’s daily lives.

Our very name reflects our mission.  For patients, it is our promise of active, genuine personal concern. For physicians, it is a commitment to a partnership that improves patient care and clinical success. For CROs and sponsors, IACT represents a guarantee of reliability, mastery, and the infrastructure necessary to exceed patient recruitment and quality data requirements.

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